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27th December 2002
The 4th Preview of Jabberwocky V1.3 is now ready. Get it here.

  • Localisation support in most dialogs
  • French language catalog
  • Fixed 2 enforcer hits reported by Luca "Hexaae" Longone
  • Autoconnect on startup preference now saved and used.

01th July 2002
Jabberwocky V1.2 is now ready. There are only small changes.

19th June 2002
We have released V1.1 of Jabberwocky. If you want a MorphOS Version than you can compile it yourself by getting the source code.

14th May 2002
The 4th preview edition is now available. Get it here. (Need mailtext.mcc V19.8+)

08th May 2002
The third preview edition is now available. You will find the right link here. Make sure you have installed the mailtext.mcc V19.8+ in MUI.
We also start to write some points to the F.A.Q. and updatet the mailing list page.

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