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About this fine Product

Jabberwocky is a jabber client software for Amiga Computers. It is open source and released under the GNU GPL License.

Jabber is an instant messaging system, similar to ICQ or AIM, yet far different. It is open source, absolutely free, simple, fast, extensible, modularized, and cross platform.

Server modules (transports) allows cross messaging between other networks (AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo).

You can also login on different (or even the same) computers at the same time by changing the resource info.


- AmigaOS 3.x, AmigaOS 4.x or MorphOS
- MUI 3.8 or higher
- NList.mcc 19.97+ (MUI Class)
- textinput.mcc (MUI Class)
- Mailtext.mcc 19.8+ (MUI Class)
- TextEditor.mcc 15.9+ (MUI Class)
- NFLoatText.mcc 19.57+ (MUI Class)
- TCP/IP stack (Genesis, Miami 2.0+ or MiamiDx)
- OpenURL library (for file transfers)


- The Login window
- The XML traffic window
- The conference window
- The message window
- The chat window
- Settings

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