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Here you will find everything about the open source project of Jabberwocky.

Jabber, Inc. was formed early in 2000 to focus on commercial opportunities associated with the Jabber platform. Principal members of the company include Jeremie Miller, founder of Jabber.org, and a number of other key developers on the Jabber project. The company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Webb Interactive Services, Inc. (http://www.webb.net/), is fully supportive of Jabber's open-source development model, as indicated by the inclusion on its advisory board of open-source luminaries Eric Raymond and Doc Searls.

Jabber.org is the only open-source instant messaging system built on a foundation of XML, the next-generation language of the Internet. Started in 1998 by Jeremie Miller, the project has experienced tremendous growth in developer interest and has proceeded rapidly to its 1.0 release. The project is fully open-source, with the core code covered under the GPL and clients covered under the GPL as well as other licenses.

JabberStudio is the development hub for the Jabber community. This site provides CVS, web hosting, bug tracking, task management, and many other tools to help people working on our favorite IM system.

Support Network with many Projects and Workshops for Amiga. Here you can find a good german install guide about Jabberwocky.

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