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jabberwocky.awebrx 1.0 07.05.2002
ARexx script to start Jabberwocky from an AWeb user button.
JabberRoster 1.1 18.09.2003
Saves contacts from roster to textfile and adds contacts to roster from saved text file.
ICQ_Visibility 1.0 29.11.2003
ARexx script that let you toggle the ICQ status between invisibile and visibile in Jabberwocky.
JAM 1.3 11.06.2004
Jabberwocky Accout Manager. This hack allow Jabberwocky to use multiple Jabber servers, or multiple user accounts. Requires Jabberwocky 1.5pre1.

MUI Custom Classes
MCC TextEditor 15.31 24.10.2009
Latest TextEditor Class for MUI.
MCC TextInput 29.5 24.02.2002
Latest TextInput Class for MUI.
MCC MailText 19.9 10.05.2006
Latest MailText Class for MUI.
MCC NList 20.122 24.10.2009
Latest NList Classes for MUI.

OpenURL 7.6 24.10.2009
OpenURL for AmigaOS 3, AmigaOS 4, MorphOS and AROS

Vapor Toolkit 15.13 05.01.2002
Vapor Toolkit Library (needed by TextEditor.mcc)

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